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The Chickens should come first, not the Blog

Guest Blog courtesy of Jo Schutt from

But when I get excited (or angry, frustrated, happy, sad) about something, as well as telling everyone about it, I write about it! So finally, after much reading, day dreaming, longing, and more reading, I’ve chosen my chicken coop! (yes I bet you thought I was going to say something much more interesting than that didn’t you!) And I found ONE place that sells the coop, hay, feed, waterer and feeder (perhaps not exactly what they are called?), but most importantly….THE CHICKENS too!…….

The eggs are definitely appealing and one of the original draw cards! As I get more into the veggie garden I am excited by the prospect of being able to use the chook poo/hay combo as an organic fertiliser and I am also very keen on the idea of having another disposal for our food scraps, as the worms don’t have the appetite I had first anticipated so I’m still putting a lot of waste into the green bin!

I’ve been known to jump in head first without researching things but there are a few reasons why I haven’t been able to do that in this situation, therefore I’ve been able to really find out what I’m getting myself in for and there seems to be nothing anyone can say that is going to put me off. I’m fixed!!

Today I learnt that you can’t put the chook manure straight onto your garden, it has to sit separate or in the compost for about a month before being introduced (unless the plants are quite mature), so I’m going to have to hijack another small section of the garden for ‘manure management’! Slowly but surely I will get rid of those pompous box hedges!

There are a few considerations and things that may make being a chook owner a little more challenging (yes other than ‘manure management’). Firstly we have to secure the veggie patch or apparently the chooks will ravage it. Secondly we have to secure an area of the backyard so they don’t go places they shouldn’t (like in the house) when they are left to roam & forage. People have told me and I’ve read, that they poo all over everything, dig up everything, they attract rodents (they want their food) and foxes (the chooks are their food). I’m also concerned that our dog may not think the chooks are welcome in his yard so there will definitely be some kind of timetable drawn up so everybody gets their fair share of ‘outside time’. I also read an article today that recommended chatting to your neighbours before going down the chook road to see how they feel about the situation. I’m definitely all for avoiding a run-in with those we share a fence with, they are lovely people, but this chat is not going to happen because no one is going to stand between me and my chooks (just kidding, I’m not that crazy, I’m just not going to ask my neighbours permission!).
On my chickenless drive home from the farm that we’re buying them from I ask my son…. “are you going to help me look after the chooks?” and he replies “yes…and we’re not allowed to chase them”!! I think he’ll be a great help!

So anyway, there’s all the hype about my next adventure. Feels a bit empty and lonely, but I’m sure my next instalment will be full of life!!

Happy Living!