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But he hit me first! Sibling Rivalry

It is normal for children to fight some of the time. It would be very strange, and of concern, if they didn’t get angry and attack each other with strong emotion, occasionally. However, fighting can be successfully diminished if parents and carers can follow some effective guidelines that I will outline. Prevention is obviously much […]

21 mth old

Congenial Mealtimes

4 year old Julie loves to put her hands in her soup and extract the animal pasta. Dimitri , who is 2 years old complains loudly that he doesn’t like the green stuff and pushes it off his plate. Shanae spills her drink and Con won’t sit at the table at meal time. Many parents […]

young boys at soccer

Creating Family Rules

It is wise to decide with our children, when they are old enough, on some appropriate guidelines for harmonious living. Children need to be socialised so that they can live and work successfully in the world at large. We want them to relate well with others and to be responsible, caring and constructive members of […]