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At Home Family Fun Without Screens

I believe that families need a complete break from TV, and other screens, on a regular basis. Having Family Fun Nights allows families to get together, bond, communicate, co-operate, share and participate actively in stimulating activities. There are a huge number of excellent activities that families can engage in together, such as board games, card […]

child painting on the floor

“I’m Bored!” Stimulating Initiative in Our Children

If your children are coming to you saying that they are bored, there are many great things that can be done to foster thinking, problem solving, creativity, imagination and initiative. We can start off by limiting TV and other screen entertainment and encouraging any signs of initiative. We can take our children out and encourage […]

family at beach 2

Self-care for parents and children

Balance of Experiences Do you know what your true interests, talents and passions are?It is beneficial for parents and children to devote their time to different types of activities throughout the day or week in order to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Socialising, working, family activities, leisure activities, eating, household chores, exercising, volunteering, relaxation, intellectual […]