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Taking the frustration out of parenting

  • Effective parenting principles - children and adolescents

    Effective parenting principles - children and adolescents

    We offer flexibility, quality, convenience, and reliability. Simple strategies for managing young children through to adolescents, will be focused on. Carole’s effective parenting principles can be applied to all age groups. Peace and harmony within the family can be a reality with a little guidance. Children go through many stages of development that need to be taken into account when raising them.

  • Our Style

    Our Style

    Clients will be encouraged to email or phone and give information on the most pressing problems they are experiencing. They can let Carole know whether they would prefer to email, phone, Skype or visit for assistance. Typically she will listen actively to the parent/carer to get an idea of the whole picture. She will then give suggestions on techniques to overcome problems, and to make parenting an enjoyable and successful experience for the whole family.

  • Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.                                             James Baldwin

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