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In praise of no-fuss mums (and dads)

Whilst travelling on the fast train to Marseilles in France, I was watching a mother with her adorable infant son. He looked to be around one year of age. When I first saw her, I thought she may have a few challenges ahead of her, but she managed her situation with grace and good sense. She was well prepared with food, water and play things.

Soon after sitting down, she gave her son a breastfeed which he accepted willingly. She then offered him some bread that she broke off a bread stick. The French love their bread sticks! She had some herself as well. He stayed on her lap the whole time I was watching.  This cute, bright eyed little boy looked around at the passengers, and smiled intensely at whoever was interested in smiling back. Mum then offered him some water in a bottle, which he briefly drank from. He liked playing with it as well, shaking it and mouthing the little cup. After a while, she took out a couple of containers of pureed and mashed food, and fed him with a small spoon. One looked like pumpkin. He clearly enjoyed this experience, and was babbling and cooing happily. Mum was kissing her baby and enjoying the smiles from admirers. It was lovely to watch the bonding, and the flair she had with her baby. She gave him the amount of food that he wanted, and no more. She then let her infant play with some plastic containers, while she skilfully wiped his fingers with a cloth. Next she opened a packet that contained a biscuit, which he chewed on for a bit. She then picked up all her belongings, which were numerous, and walked away.

This time in the train could have been quite difficult, but she took it all in her stride. I was very impressed, and would like to have spoken to her. Many other passengers enjoyed having this mum and baby in the carriage, as they provided some heart-warming entertainment.

I think it is good to acknowledge and praise mothers like this one, who are behaving positively, responsibly and lovingly toward their children. Mums need a boost every now and then, for their efforts and qualities, so I thought I would post it on my website.