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Carole Disseldorp is thrilled to announce the publication of her book “Easier Parenting – 8 vital principles to guide your children’s behaviour successfully”

This book outlines the basic principles needed for enjoyable and effective parenting, which focus on preventing problems, using encouragement, preparation, communication and teaching skills. Modelling healthy behaviour, giving responsibility, and arranging stimulating activities are of equal importance. If we want to raise happy, confident, caring, self-disciplined, independent, stable, well-mannered, responsible, competent and successful people, we need to educate ourselves on the best way to achieve this.

Carole’s aim, in writing this book, is to let parents know, that parenting doesn’t have to be a chore. We can look after ourselves and raise wonderful children, at the same time. Not only will parents and carers gain confidence in their ability to parent positively and successfully, but they will learn how to enjoy their time with their children, adolescents and spouse or partner.

It is primarily aimed at parents and carers of toddlers to teenagers. Caregivers, grandparents, single parents, separated parents and guardians will similarly find it highly beneficial. It is for everyone working in the parenting ‘industry'; childcare workers, parent educators, schoolteachers, school counsellors and health professionals. Unlike many other parenting books, this one focuses on the needs of the children and the parents.


Australian readers can buy the book directly from Carole for $20 plus $2 postage. Simply click the “ADD TO CART” button below and you can make your payment through PayPal.

International readers (or Aussies who would like!) can buy the book through CreateSpace or Amazon