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Guiding children's behaviour successfully

  • Some challenging behaviours to tackle

    Some challenging behaviours to tackle

    • Child giving up easily
    • Worry
    • Good behaviour that lasts
    • Reasoning with child isn’t working
    • Child keeps arguing
    • Child won’t sit still when out
    • Babyish behaviour
    • Going out hassles
    • Understanding child’s level of development
    • Friction
    • Sleeping and eating
    • Child growing up too rapidly
    • Setting a healthy example
    • Constant interruptions
    • Having a conversation
    • Give and take
    • Angry outbursts

  • Parenting with purpose and enjoyment

    Parenting with purpose and enjoyment

    Carole is a Parent Educator who has had 34 years experience working with children and parents. She has 4 wonderful grown children. She has worked as a Primary Teacher for over 5.5 years, a full-time, Stay-at-home Mum for 16 years, a Parenting Consultant for 4 years, a Childcare Worker for 4 years and a Nanny for 3 years. She cares deeply for the well-being of all children and parents, and knows a highly effective way to raise children and adolescents so that they become happy, confident, caring, self-disciplined, independent, stable, well-mannered, competent and successful people. She wants parents to enjoy their children and to raise them in the most effective and satisfying way possible. Carole has read a vast number of books and articles related to parenting, behaviour guidance, communication and child development. Her articles can be read in Essential Baby, Swim Australia, Fit For Life Online, Family Capers, Kids in Australia, Business Mums Magazine, Jellyfish Connection, Online Divorce Lawyer as well as in the Blog pages on this site. Carole has also been interviewed about Easier Parenting by Casper on Community Radio 3RPP fm on the Mornington Peninsula.

    Carole has recently started given Parenting presentations in Melbourne. If you would like her to speak to a group of parents or carers about Easier Parenting principles, please email or ring her through the Contact Us page.

  • Needs of children and parents

    Needs of children and parents

    Carole has expertise in child development and an excellent understanding of the specific needs of children, and parents, for nurturing, setting limits, stimulation, role modelling, positivity, communication, teaching, values, self-care and responsibility. She knows that parenting can be difficult without learning effective skills. Effective parenting does not generally come naturally as many of us previously believed. Not all parents wish to talk about their parenting issues in a group setting. Some parents are unable to commit to attending a parenting course each week. Parenting skills can also be applied to general relationships with others – family, friends and strangers.

  • Fun and balance

    Fun and balance

    Easier Parenting is a website to help parents and carers to be supported in this vital and highly important task of raising children. It is a place to come and learn essential parenting skills, to read relevant interesting articles, to be inspired with heart-warming stories and quotes and to find out about how best to care for ourselves. Parents and carers deserve to have an enjoyable, stimulating and meaningful life while they are nurturing their loved ones. This is perfectly achievable. This site gives ideas for having fun with your children and/or your spouse/partner. It also is a resource for helping parents to achieve balance in their lives. Time management tips will also be offered.

  • Future plans

    Future plans

    We plan to recommend books and other relevant parenting services and resources in the near future

  • It takes a village to raise a child.