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Taking the frustration out of parenting.

Could you do with some support and assistance in some of these areas?

  • Uncooperative behaviour
  • Whinging, sulking and crying
  • Feeling angry and frustrated
  • Feeling like parenting is a chore
  • Meeting your own needs
  • Negative influences
  • Getting children to help out
  • Fitting in activities
  • Boredom
  • Healthy living
  • Shopping
  • Keeping authority and setting limits
  • Nagging and shouting
  • Persuading children to try new things

Support given

Parents and carers have the unique opportunity to email, ring, Skype or visit for valuable support with parenting.

Parents can email Carole, a Parenting Coach, with their main issues, and she will reply with a suggested plan, based on her vast experience and qualifications with children and parents.

Alternatively, they can phone or attend at her home-office in Frankston South, or a home-visit can be arranged.

An appointment will be organised for a mutually convenient time. Assistance is given based on the client’s individual situation. Advice will be tailored to the specific needs and experiences of the client and family. One-on-one attention will be given, for as much time as is needed for the client to feel confident and successful with their parenting. Carole is able to help parents and others caring for toddlers through to teens in an encouraging, empathetic and understanding manner. She has been dealing with children for the last 37 years as a full-time Mother of 4, a Primary teacher, a Parent Educator, Childcare Worker and Nanny. Professional and expert guidance will be given.

She will listen carefully to your issues and then teach specific relevant parenting skills. You will be given understanding and valuable assistance in a confidential setting. Worthwhile resources will be given and referred to.

Effective parenting does not generally come naturally, as many of us previously believed. Parenting skills can also be applied to general relationships with others – family, friends and strangers.

I strongly believe that a great many of the problems in society (abuse, vandalism, dangerous behaviour) could be prevented, if parents and carers were given better parent education when their children were young. However, it is never too late to improve relationships.

How to book coaching sessions

Simply email/phone me with your 3 main problem areas, and we can decide on the best method of communication; email, telephone, Skype or visit.

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